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Hello everyone, This is one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do.  I pride myself after being honest, humble, caring, and I try to find the good in people no matter the circumstance.  I have done this to a fault.  Asking for help is NOT my strong suit by any means.  Most of you know that I recently moved to Florida almost a year ago to pursue my career.  I was in a really bad spot in Texas, so moving to a new place and starting over seemed to be the logical answer considering my career could flourish here.   I had someone approach me (whom I thought was a friend at the time) about having rental properties and that he could get me into one of his properties with no problem!  Well with this being said, I agreed, I signed a lease, I sent him the money, I loaded up a huge uhaul and moved my whole life to Orlando, Florida.  The house wasn’t ready, due to excuse after excuse from this person.  So I ended up putting half my stuff in storage and the other half in my girlfriend’s garage.  She was nice enough to let me stay with her even though it was very early in our relationship and I did not want to impose.  Several months go by and the Rental Property guy still kept giving me the run around, come to find out he NEVER owned the house he leased me.  He committed fraud and i’m currently doing the best I can to get my money back and to pursue criminal charges.  This has cost me money just go file charges, ugh, it’s been a very difficult matter to deal with.  My stay and relationship is now over unfortunately due to a result of this among other things.  This past year I have not had a place to go, the Florida Housing market has been incredibly hard to get into, it seemed this past year everyone was wanting to move to FL, so the prices for rentals went through the roof!  I have tried a number of things to find a place, a roommate, rent a room, you name it.  I have not had very much luck given that I have a lot of expensive equipment due to my profession.  I currently have a couple options to at least get me out of my current position at her house.  I’m not proud to admit this but I’m willing to do just about anything to get out of here.  I was offered by a friend, an 11 x 9 shed in their backyard.  It has power and room to install an indoor AC unit!  This option doesn’t seem great but anything is better than being homeless.  I do have a second option and its a little more expensive of the two.  This would definitely be the way to go, however my funds are truly suffering because of flights (I fly back to Texas 2x a month to see my kids), gas prices, current storage, etc.  This option would be in a house, i’d have a roommate to help with bills!  My biggest problem is having enough money to pay for first months rent, the deposit, the move, to put the rest of my things in storage because they all wouldn’t fit in the house and to maintain all the current bills I pay.  I’m very sorry to ask anyone for help, it truly hurts me inside, I just feel I have no other option but to ask for help.  Any donation or extra that anyone can spare to help me find a place to live would be MORE than appreciated!!  This is very embarrassing for me and I’m only sending this out to people I know, trust and love.   I don’t want this to come off as a scam to people ya know?  So this is why I’m not trying to put my huge sob story out on social media for the world to see and judge me.  🙁  I truly appreciate you all for taking the time to even read this and thank you for any amount you are able to spare.  Trust me, it all adds up in the end and I pray that I will be able to fulfill my dream of living here in Florida and continue to pursue my music career.  Thank you all for your time!


Ronnie Jones

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